domingo, junio 25, 2006

Things I've learned this week.

Monday: There are no fancy peruvian bars ir Peru.
Tuesday: Some women lose weight after pregnancy. (First, boobs get bigger... and now weight loss... I'm so getting pregnant).
Wednesday: There's no such thing as pretty peruvian portraits. 7 indian markets cannot be mistaken. (On the other hand, there are quite nice old wood rustic portraits from Malasya that you can call pretty peruvian portraits and nobody is hurt)
Thursday: There's actually people who's allergic to wheat. (That's a life with seriously no cereal at all. How sad is that?)
Friday: Pisco Sour is a fun drink.
Saturday: I'm a bit of a mind reader.
Sunday: You need just two people to bring turtle necks back on the trendy shelf.

I have learned a lot this week. Let's see how the next one goes.

4 comentarios:

Dragón del 96 dijo...

Pisco Punch is much better. Cooking with pisco is also a must.

Laura Zaferson dijo...

Me gusta la comida flambeada... mientras sea otro el que la flambee. Quiero mucho a mis cejas como para incendiarlas... otra vez. ;)

alfredo dijo...

que te paso hoy con la cantidad de posts!

que barbara!

y ahora en ingles?

no te basta con el acento che?


Laura Zaferson dijo...

alfredito, pues no se que ha pasado... todos estos posts son antiguos... y quien sabe porque se volvieron a publicar! jaja.

pd. igual chevere porque me da chance de que la gente los lea! :D