miércoles, abril 26, 2006

my life is grey

it's ok though.
grey is a great color.
there are at least 5 reasons to like grey.
  1. it's washable. (like I do laundry)
  2. it's the new black (i have tons of black clothing... but i guess I can wash them with cheap detergent so that they get discolored til they turn grey) and it matches pink. (i'm not a big fan of pink, but still)
  3. fog is grey (i like foggy afternoons is london. sadly i don't live there) and the sky is grey during the winter (i like the winter, but i work indoors so i don't get to see the sky very often).
  4. rats are grey (and they are gonna conquer the world eventually, so you better start getting used to that color).
  5. the best tea in the world is earl grey. (this one works only if you like tea).

So... You wake up in the morning and your choice of dress is a recently washed grey outfit (perhaps with a minimalistic pink accesorie? just to be on fashion). You open the window and grey sky surrounds you like it pretends to swallow you. You take a deep breath to receive 3 tons of grey fog straight to your lungs. On your way down to the kitchen, you think about all the sort of grey rats that you are gonna have to run into during the day (the one who's gonna block you in traffic, the one who's not gonna hold the elevator for you, the one who's gonna eat the last brownie at the cafeteria and many others). So you pour some hot water from the kettle (that happens to be grey uh?) to your morning mug and enjoy that refreshing, relaxing, delightful and no boundaries earl grey. Now you can start this bloody day.

My life is grey. Grey is good.

2 comentarios:

Giovanna & Daniel dijo...

Osea...como te explico....bien GRIS tu post...jajaja

Mentira ta chevere, pero si en vez de "grey" usamos panza de burro, digo, para poner un toque de sabor limeño.

Daniel S

Laura Zaferson dijo...

Giovana y Daniel: Este post me gusta mucho porque es, digamos, armónico. Les agradezco el comentario que me dejaron. Besos!