domingo, mayo 21, 2006

And so it is.

I just did the Will&Grace quiz and to my own personal surprise I happen to be a "Mostly Grace Adler" person. At the beginning I disagreed of course cuz I thought I was more like Karen Walker (And yes, I do compare myself with TV Characters). Anyway, I read the results of the quiz and... Oh well, I guess I'm gonna have to find a gay friend to have a crush on. (I do have a male best friend... but he's not gay! Or is he? You, we need to talk.)

PS. I just learned how to upload pics so... here there are my Will&Grace Quiz Results:

Pretty me, uh? Lol.

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Laura Zaferson dijo...

Romi my dear, thanks for reading. ;)

And just in case you wanna try the quiz, here's the link:

Have fun.